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At SoundReplay Recording Studio, we don't record demos of your song. Sorry for that, but you can probably record a demo on your phone or in your rehearsal room. Chances are that overall quality is acceptable, but probably not good enough for releasing your song on CD or streaming media like YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer or even sending it to the radio for airplay.
At SoundReplay Studio we record, mix and master your songs using high quality gear, superior room acoustics and studio experience. If your intentions are to move your song to the next level, we can help you with one song, an EP or even a full album.

Every artist has different needs, so we have two different price offerings. One for singer-songwriters and one for bands. Why? The amount of time we will spend to record and mix your songs, will vary depending on the number of audiotracks your song has.

A singer-songwriter probably requires only up to 10 tracks (guitar/piano, vocals/backing vocals, simple percussion), while a full band will probably end up with over 30 or more tracks (e.g. a decent drum recording has already over 10 tracks). On this page you will find our price quotations based on fixed prices.

Why fixed pricing?
Playing an instrument, singing, recording, mixing and mastering music is an artistic and creative process. We want to remove the stress of working per hour.
We can offer you our package deals which include recording, mixing and mastering at SoundReplay, but you can choose each service individually too. With the package deals, you will get a discount on the normal price.
And of course, we'll advise and help you to get your music on Spotify, iTunes and other music services, and we deliver you all the required items for professional CD replication.

All other services are priced 40 euro/hour, all inclusive.

If you still have questions on pricing or anything else, just contact us.

Pricing for Singer-Songwriters

SoundReplay Recording Studio - Pricing for Bands

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SoundReplay Recording Studio

Pricing for Bands

SoundReplay Recording Studio - Pricing for Singer-Songwriters