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SoundReplay Recording Studio is located in Steenokkerzeel, close to Brussels, Leuven and Antwerp.

I offer over 30 years of music recording experience, with ideal studio acoustics and a premium selection of digital and analog equipment.
At SoundReplay Studio, I record your next world hit!

I am recording, mixing and mastering one song or full albums.

Singer-songwriters, pop/rock bands and voice-overs for movies or TV commercials, your project is in good hands.
I also offer worldwide services for mixing and mastering.

Let’s record & roll!
Dirk Christiaens


Recording - Mixing - Mastering




Every good song has a solid foundation, and it all starts with the recording process. At SoundReplay, I use the finest microphones, analog tube gear and always the latest and greatest version of Pro Tools Ultimate. What? Don't mind. You play, I record...take after take. Tirelessly.

SoundReplay Music Recording Studio Belgium
SoundReplay Music Recording Studio Belgium



Mixing, but better than a kitchen blender. So you recorded your new world top chart song, but now what? I mix your song and make sure that all instruments are magically glued together. Using Pro Tools automation, outboard summing through Tube-Tech summing mixer, Crane Song IBIS EQ and Manley VARI-MU Compressors. And of course the best plugins. Let me be your musical chef, I blend it all together!



The dark magic of audio mastering... Using the PMC studio loudspeakers and analog outboard gear, I make your song ready to be enjoyed on any audio system, and of course optimised for all streaming platforms at -14 LUFS. So a bit of dark magic is still happening at the mastering stage. You have your song recorded and mixed, and you are looking for the final polish? Look no further and send me your stereo track.

SoundReplay Music Recording Studio Belgium


DAW - Microphones - Outboard


SoundReplay Music Recording Studio Belgium



Avid Pro Tools Ultimate

Avid HD I/O 32 Channels Analog In/Out

Fabfilter, Nugen Audio, Antares Auto-Tune and many more




Neumann U87ai, Neumann KM184 (Matched Pair), Audio Technica 4033, AKG C418 (4x), AKG 1000S (2x)


AKG D112, Shure SM57 (2x), Shure BETA 52A, Shure BETA 56A, Shure BETA 58A, Shure SM7B, Shure 5575LE, Sennheiser MD421-II (3x)


AEA R88 MK2 STEREO, Royer R-121 (Matched Pair)

SoundReplay Music Recording Studio Belgium
SoundReplay Music Recording Studio Belgium



Preamps & DI

Tube-Tech MP1A (2x), AEA RPQ (Ribbon Preamp), Focusrite RED7, Avid PRE 8 Channels, Little Labs Red-Eye


Tube-Tech CL1B Compressor (2x), Manley Variable Mu Stereo Compressor, Crane Song IBIS EQ, Dangerous Music BAX EQ, TC Electronic Reverb 4000 (2x)


Korg DTR-2000 Tuner, Fostex Headphones Preamp, Furman PL-PRO DMC Power Conditioners, Keoda Studio Racks


Singer-Songwriters | Bands | Voice-Over


Jeff Wisnom at SoundReplay recording studio
Music group at SoundReplay recording studio
Martin Watson at SoundReplay recording studio
Helena De Maertelaere at SoundReplay recording studio
Indoluwe at SoundReplay recording studio
Indoluwe at SoundReplay recording studio
Indoluwe at SoundReplay recording studio
Indoluwe at SoundReplay recording studio
Indoluwe at SoundReplay recording studio
Indoluwe at SoundReplay recording studio
All Stars at SoundReplay recording studio
Charlotte Voets at SoundReplay recording studio
David Abiona at SoundReplay recording studio
Ines Lichtert at SoundReplay recording studio
Thijs Antonneau at SoundReplay recording studio


Project or hourly rates


I offer project based or hourly pricing.
Get in contact for a personalised recording, mixing or mastering price quotation.

You can rent the studio for 50 euro/hour (this includes the usage of all equipment and myself as qualified Pro Tools engineer)

Demo vs pro studio recording

At SoundReplay Recording Studio, I don't record demos of your song. Sorry for that, but you can probably record a demo on your phone or in your rehearsal room. Chances are that overall quality is acceptable, but probably not good enough for releasing your song on CD or streaming media like YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer or even sending it to the radio for airplay.

At SoundReplay Studio I record, mix and master your songs using high quality gear, superior room acoustics and studio experience. If your intentions are to move your song to the next level, I can help you with one song, an EP or even a full album.

Small vs large studio sessions

Every artist has different needs, so I have two different price offerings. One for singer-songwriters and one for bands. Why? The amount of time we will spend to record and mix your songs, will vary depending on the number of audio tracks your song has.

A singer-songwriter probably requires only up to 10 tracks (guitar/piano, vocals/backing vocals, simple percussion), while a full band will probably end up with over 30 or more tracks (e.g. a decent drum recording has already over 10 tracks).

Why fixed pricing? Playing an instrument, singing, recording, mixing and mastering music is an artistic and creative process. I want to remove the stress of working per hour. I can offer you package deals which include recording, mixing and mastering at SoundReplay, but you can choose each service individually too. With the package deals, you will get a discount on the normal price.

Advice and support

And of course, I'll advise and help you to get your music on Spotify, iTunes and other music services, and I deliver you all the required items for professional CD replication.

Did I already inform you that drinks are on the house? :-)

SoundReplay Music Recording Studio Belgium


Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have any question on the studio recording, mixing or mastering process?

Have look on the below FAQ's, and feel free to contact me if you have any other question about studio recording

If you have been practising your song(s) for a while and you feel ready to record it professionally, then it's the right time to make an appointment, ideally via this form. There is always room and time for some little experimentation or creativity during the recording process, but if you are a band, make sure you rehearsed the song very well.
Some practical tips
Replace the strings of your guitar and bring some new ones
Don't stretch your voice too much the day before recording and calculate some time in the studio to warm up your voice
Have you memorised the lyrics of the song?
Can you play on a click track?
When recording drums make sure your drummer is the first one to setup the drumkit (it takes more time)
Let me know who is coming and respect the scheduled time.

Vocal pitch correction is a commonly used practice during the mixing process. At SoundReplay Studio I use Antares Auto-Tune for vocal pitch correction. But don't get me wrong, if you are completely out of tune, you might need to take some vocal coaching :-)
SoundReplay Music Recording Studio Belgium



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